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Rediscovery of the legendary Tirael [x50] - Interlude.

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Dialogue with one of the subscribers of our server, who really did not believe in this event.

- What? This is a joke? Tirael x50?

- No, we open the server on March 15 for all players of the world Tirael ...


It's been more than half a year since our start.


We collected more than 4,000 live people. On our project there was a huge number of clans / popular personalities. Our contests video invitations were displayed in the top and now we will launch their every opening.


We want to see at this opening all to one. But not for one day !!! We do not need corrupt clans for a week and players who run around on servers. We need players who, 40-50 days after the opening, played with us and enjoyed the game!


ATTENTION! This is not a one-day server! Unfortunately, the trend went in the direction of having played 2 weeks you go to another server. You do not need to treat servers as one-day trips. You decide where you play. If we try to return the old world and our favorite players, then please try to play in pleasure, without a bot and rmt. After all, everyone forgot that the game in Lineage II is an unforgettable experience, the necessary acquaintances, enthusiastic exclamations from victories and disappointment from defeats, a time where YOU can become happy. I hope you do not forget this.


Server rate: Exp x50, SP x50, Adena x1, Drop x10, Spoil x10, Quest Drop x10, Raid x10, SealStone - x4

Premium Account: Exp x100, SP x100, Adena x2, Drop x20, Spoil - x20, Quest Drop - x10, Raid - x10, SealStone - x8


The opening of beta testing - March 13 at 20:00 (MSC)

The official opening of the server - March 15 at 20:00 (MSC)

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